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All on 4 Dental Procedure

dentist showing patient results of all on 4 dental implant treatment

All on 4 Dental Procedure


All on 4 is a revolutionary dental treatment method where a full mouth reconstruction is conducted. In the process, total oral rehabilitation is done with only 4 titanium dental implants being placed in each jaw.  This form of dental treatment is popular because it leaves the patient with a brand new set of teeth that look very natural.

What Is The Procedure For All On 4 Dental Implants?

The All on 4 Dental implant procedure is a quick and minimally invasive procedure. First, the dentist does a thorough examination of the dental condition to see if an all on 4 procedure is the best form of treatment. With the use of specific computer software, a 3D image of the patient’s jaw is created. The image is then used to create dental implants that fit the patient perfectly. During the surgery, 4 implants are placed in the jaw to support all the other teeth giving the patient a new and natural dental appearance.

Advantages of the All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure

  1. Higher Success Rates
    All 4 dental implants provide better dental solutions to patients than traditional implant techniques. This procedure has a success rate of over 98%.
  2. Lesser Invasion and Discomfort
    This dental treatment procedure eliminates the need for bone grafting. Bone grafting is disadvantageous because of its invasive nature. It is also costly and very uncomfortable for patients.
  3. Better Treatment Results
    Unlike traditional implants, all 4 dental procedures result in a more natural dental set. The implants work and feel like natural teeth. Therefore, there is no compromise on the quality of life of patients. On the contrary, they get a perfect set of teeth that work just like natural teeth.
  4. Easy Maintenance Procedure
    Maintenance for All on 4 treatment options is just as important as the maintenance of your natural teeth.  And it’s just as easy to look after them as your natural teeth.  Make sure your dentist goes through the simple maintenance procedures to give the best long term outcome for your new teeth!
  5. Less Costly
    The all on 4 dental procedure can be cheaper than the cumulative costs of other dental treatment options and/or grafting options that are available.  In the long run, it can save considerable costs particularly if you suffer from many dental concerns (decay/gum disease/tooth erosion/wear etc/crowding etc)

Is All on 4 Dental Implants the Right Solution For Me?

Certainly, All on 4 dental procedure can be done to anyone who may need the treatment. If you are about to lose your teeth and are tired of dentures, this treatment is for you. However, make sure you get a professional like Rockingham Dental Centre to do the procedure for you. Call us today and let us fix your dental issues permanently!