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Teeth Whitening

When you watch a movie, what’s the first thing you notice about any Hollywood actor? Is it the gorgeous hair, the beautiful eyes, the smooth skin, the wonderful clothes? If you’re a dentist, of course, the first things that catch your eye are those pearl-white teeth. But let’s be honest about it, those teeth didn’t just happen – there’s been a bit of teeth whitening involved.

There’s no doubt that neither our modern lifestyles nor the ageing process are particularly kind to teeth, and they will darken and stain. But they don’t have to stay that way – if you’re in a profession where the quality of your smile is important, there’s a procedure that you can use at home.

The teeth whitening tray system has become very popular, and a lot of the smiles you see are as a result of this. Here’s how it works. We take an impression of your upper and lower teeth and use this to make a specially designed mouthpiece. At home, you fill this tray with a whitening gel for two hours a day for two weeks. A close fit means the gel stays in good contact with your teeth.

It’s not a one-off procedure – over time new staining will occur – but with your tray you can repeat the procedure whenever you feel your dazzling whites need a refresh.

We prefer this to in chair techniques because it allows use of a more gentle lower concentrate whitening gel. Of course the added advantage is you don’t have to pay again every time you want to refresh your smile. 

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