Family-Friendly Dental Care

At Rockingham Dental Centre we pride ourselves on being a family-friendly practice – it’s perhaps a point of difference between us and some other practices you may have come across. Our aim is to be the Rockingham dental clinic that provides you with high-quality preventative dentistry within a gentle, caring and compassionate environment.

The emphasis is very much on ‘whole of family’ care. We love to see your children here, helping them to develop good oral health techniques early in life, and providing them with quality dentistry to meet their changing needs through their teenage years and into adulthood.

By developing long-term relationships with you and your family, and staying in regular contact, we can help to keep teeth in top condition at all times, avoiding expensive and unexpected restorative treatment. Above all, we believe in acting with ethics and integrity. We won’t try to sell you expensive dentistry that you don’t need, but we will help you keep your family’s teeth healthy in the best possible way.

That’s what we mean by ‘family-friendly’.

Values as old as Rockingham