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36th Australian Dental Congress Brisbane, 2015


In March, Russell and Gerard attended the Dental Congress held in Brisbane. The main focus of the 5-day programme was ‘The Future is Here’, and a wide range of lectures and workshops were presented around this theme.

Given our aging baby boomer population, it was not surprising that attention was given to the care of the elderly, both through replacing missing teeth and dealing with wear of existing teeth. There were a couple of lectures on the increasing range of pharmaceuticals and drugs now prescribed by our medical colleagues, and the dental benefits and risks these can impose.
The importance of dentists knowing their patients’ medical history and medications was also highlighted.

As always, there were new materials
and techniques introduced, and extensive evaluation of new technology. You would probably all be aware of our commitment and investment in digital dentistry at Rockingham Dental Centre, mostly through the Cerec system, and this modality continued to show its excellent versatility and success rates. Once again, the advantage of restoring teeth with
more conservative techniques such as Cerec was emphasised.

The only disturbing episode occurred on the 2nd last day, when Russell and Gerard both arrived to discover they had inadvertently dressed almost identically. It’s safe to say RDC was well represented!

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