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A Bit Of Light Reading


Russell and Gerard have taken the opportunity to stock up on the very latest textbooks from the Quintessence Publishing company. 

They both recently returned from the Quintessence Symposium in Sydney. Because Quintessence are a specialised publisher of dental textbooks, they have access to many of the world’s best international researchers. Titled “Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry – Science Meets Practice”, the symposium focused on the latest systems of bonding to tooth whilst at the same time relating it to the effect of restorations on the gums which hold the teeth.

Russell says, “We are very proud at Rockingham Dental Centre that for well over
a decade we have been able to provide our patients with world’s best practice Cad Cam dentistry”.

Like all technology these days, things change at a prodigious rate. It is important to find out which of the new materials work best – and it is vital to listen to researchers who are independent and not biased by commercial considerations in their advice. 

The only thing these lecturers had to sell were their textbooks – and it worked!


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