Can I Get Invisalign With Missing Teeth?

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Having your teeth straightened can increase your self-esteem, prevent medical issues, and improve overall health. It is much easier to clean straight teeth than over-crowded or crooked teeth. 

In addition, straight teeth can help you live longer and prevent jaw strain pain. 

Want to straighten your teeth? You can use Invisalign to straighten your teeth. If you have decided to use Invisalign treatment, you must choose an experienced and skilled dentist. 

Invisalign With Missing Teeth

  • You can use bridges, partial dentures, dental implants, or crowns to replace your missing tooth. It is, however, much better to have Invisalign treatment before you replace your missing tooth. 
  • If your tooth is missing, your nearby teeth can move into the space from the missing tooth. If your teeth move, you cannot place the replacement since there is not enough space for the replacement tooth. 
  • Therefore, your dentist can move the nearby teeth to create space for the replacement tooth. Also, if your teeth are overcrowded or crooked, you may need more dental work. It is hard to clean over-crowded or crooked teeth, so bacteria can grow inside your teeth and cause cavities. 

What are the Complications? 

  • If you lose your teeth due to gum disease, you can face complications. If the bone tissue and gum around your teeth are unhealthy, you can face further problems. 
  • Having healthy bone tissue and gum can make your orthodontic treatment successful. If your teeth move, the bones and gums should rebuild themselves. 
  • If you, however, have periodontal inflammation, you can lose your bone tissue. 

After Invisalign

  • Once you straighten your teeth, you can now replace your missing tooth. You can use partial dentures, dental implants, or bridges to replace your teeth. 
  • Once you have your orthodontic treatment, you must wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from drifting back again. In addition, the retainer can stabilise your teeth in their new position. 
  • Once you replace your tooth, your dentist can make your retainer. You, however, need to eat soft foods as you wait for your retainer. 

Book a Consultation Today

If you want to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you need to visit a reliable dentist. Once your dentist straightens your teeth, they can replace your missing tooth, and the dentist can then design a retainer to fit you. 

If you want to undertake Invisalign treatment but need more information to make an informed decision, you can contact Rockingham Dental Centre to get more information.


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