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Dental Erosion: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

dental erosion

Many people do not know their digestive health can affect their teeth, so they do not even know stomach acids can cause dental erosion. Stomach acids dissolve the surface of the teeth to cause dental erosion. People can prevent dental erosion with regular dental care, oral hygiene and proper diet.

Dietary Sources Can Cause Dental Erosion

  • Most of the things you eat and drink are acidic since acidic things taste nice. Food manufacturing companies add food acids to their processed foods and drinks.
  • Therefore, the ingredients of most processed foods and drinks contain food acids. The acids in these foods and drinks can cause dental erosion.
  • The dietary sources include; vitamin C tablets, vitamin waters, most cordials, most fruit juices, fruit-flavoured lollies, lemon-flavoured teas or drinks, kombucha, oranges, limes, lemons, energy drinks, soft drinks, pre-mixed alcoholic drinks, wine and vinegar.
  • Food acids, such as phosphoric acid, sodium citrate and citric acid, are bad for your teeth.

Symptoms of Dental Erosion

Dental erosion can corrode the enamel, especially on the inside surface of the tooth. It can also wear away chewing surfaces. Dental erosion can expose your sensitive tooth root to hot and cold food and drinks.

Here are the symptoms of dental erosion:

  • you lose the surface of your teeth
  • you may find your fillings have changed
  • yellowish discolouration of the teeth
  • you experience sensitivity or pain when you consume hot or cold drinks
  • you may experience tooth loss

Solution for Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is permanent. Once the food acids erode the surface of your tooth, you can replace them with dental crowns or fillings. You may have to remove your tooth in extreme cases. Therefore, you need to visit your local dentist regularly to identify dental erosion early to avoid losing your teeth.

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