Does Medicare Cover Dental Treatment?

Medicare for Dental Treatment

Medicare has aided comprehensive insurance coverage for the millions of people in Australia for about half a century now. People are still confused if dental insurance is covered in the medicare term. Medicare doesn’t cover all dental services, but there are schemes that have been introduced to improve the oral health of Australians who can’t afford private health insurance.

Does Medicare Cover Dental Treatment?

Medicare encompasses only essential dental procedures. Here are some schemes introduced by the Australian Government for dental treatment:

  • Child Dental Benefits ScheduleThis provides benefits for basic dental services for children aged 2 to 17 years who are eligible for Medicare and who receive certain government benefits such as the Family Tax Benefit Part A. The benefits are capped at $1,000 per child every two years and they cover services such as examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions.
  • Child and Adult Dental Scheme – The scheme strives to extend dental service for adults as well as children at discounted prices. The scheme provides joint funding with the territories & states to assist them extend public dental services.

medicare cover dental insurance

Which Dental Procedures Fall Under The Medicare Plan?

The dental procedures which are covered by Medicare include the following:

  • Diagnostic – The procedure includes diagnosis of dental issue, it is normally covered in case a medical practitioner diagnosis a dental issue, for instance, dental X-ray.
  • Preventative – Cleaning and scaling are essential at an early stage in life since they help prevent expensive and serious dental issues from developing later. For the eligible group, this procedure is covered to a certain extent.
  • Oral Surgery – Specific oral surgeries are undertaken for a specific purpose, the surgery of mouth and teeth is covered in a limited capacity in specific conditions.
  • Restorative –This is partially covered and may not be applicable for all states and territories. The restorative task may incur some unforeseen expenses on the pocket which may seem heavy on the pocket.
  • Cosmetic – The cosmetic procedures are usually not covered, however necessary procedures if involves cosmetic procedures are more likely to be covered.

People are still confused if dental insurance is covered in the medicare term. “Dental insurance allows patients to access the quality dental care they need to maintain their oral health. By taking preventative action, and visiting the dental office regularly, you reduce the risk of developing long-term dental issues, which means you spend less money later by investing a little money in your oral health today”. Says Dr. Barney, a Dentist in Kennewick, WA

Medicare is available for certain families who may be eligible to claim parts of their treatment both privately and/or publicly. If cost is a factor, Rockingham Dental Centre offers payment plan solutions that can be an alternative avenue to having your dental treatment completed. 

To enjoy strong and healthy-looking teeth you need to get your dental check-ups done regularly. Also, make sure to keep a professionally custom-fitted mouthguard with you if you are into sports. If you are in search of a trusted Dental Care Centre in Rockingham, Australia, then ‘Rockingham Dental Centre’ is the right dental care centre for you offering bulk billing dental services in Perth. The family-friendly dental care offered by Rockingham Dental has paved the way towards oral health and well-being for many. Get in touch, to know more about the various offerings.

Dr. Hari Menon

Dr. Hari Menon

Hari is an owner of Rockingham Dental Centre. A graduate from the University of Western Australia, Hari’s dental career has taken him as far as Darwin where he has had experience in many rural areas with indigenous communities. He has also completed numerous hours of continuing education with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry ranging from ceramic inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and restorations for implants. He is always eager for the latest tech and gadgets available on the market.

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