Dos and Don’ts of Recovering from an All on 4 Dental Procedure

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The idea of oral surgery can be overwhelming and even scary for most people. Therefore, you will have anxiety about your dental procedure. In addition, a lot of people do not know the dos and don’ts of recovering from their All on 4 dental procedure.

Here are the dos and don’ts of recovering after your All on 4 dental surgery:

Dos of Recovering from All on 4 Dental Procedure

  • Take vitamin supplements or eat healthy foods, which contain vitamins, to promote healing
  • On the second after your dental procedure, rinse your mouth with warm salt water to keep the mouth clean – you need to do this 4 times during the day.
  • Once your bleeding stops, eat soft foods, such as yoghurt, mashed potatoes, soups, and liquids.
  • Remember to take your pain medication as your doctor prescribed. Do not avoid taking pain medication since you are still numb from the local anaesthesia. Just know the postoperative pain will come. You can even take your pain medication at night to keep the pain away.
  • Ice reduces swelling, so use it for the rest of the day.
  • You need to rest after your dental procedure. If you decide to lie down, use pillows to prop your head up to ensure enough blood flow to your head. This helps prevent excessive bleeding and reduce swelling in your mouth and face.
  • You need to follow the postoperative instructions of your doctor after your dental procedure. The recovery instructions will help you heal and feel better as fast as possible.

Don’ts of Recovering from All on 4 Dental Procedure

  • Do not drink alcohol the first 24 hours after your dental procedure. It can take you more time to heal if you drink alcohol. In addition, alcohol interferes with any antibiotics or pain medication that your doctor prescribed.
  • Avoid smoking after your dental procedure. Like alcohol, smoking makes it difficult for the body to heal. So, you may take a long time to heal. If your tooth was extracted, you may develop dry sockets due to the sucking motion of smoking.
  • Even though doctors recommend brushing your teeth daily, do not brush your teeth after your dental procedure. Brush your teeth when your doctor tells you it is safe to brush them. You need to give your mouth enough time to heal.
  • Do not chew hard, crunchy foods in your mouth, especially during the first 6-8 weeks after your dental procedure.
  • Do not consume hot food or beverages until you are no longer. Hot food and beverages may burn your mouth if you are still numb.
  • Do not do strenuous activities or exercises after your dental procedure. You need to rest to give your body enough time to heal.

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Dr. Hari Menon

Dr. Hari Menon

Hari is an owner of Rockingham Dental Centre. A graduate from the University of Western Australia, Hari’s dental career has taken him as far as Darwin where he has had experience in many rural areas with indigenous communities. He has also completed numerous hours of continuing education with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry ranging from ceramic inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and restorations for implants. He is always eager for the latest tech and gadgets available on the market.


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