Dr Gerard Recognised by the Dental Board

gerard-parkinson dentist

Rockingham Dental Centre’s Dr Gerard Parkinson recently received a letter of recognition from the Dental Board of Australia WA committees.

This board has significant input into dentistry in WA, overseeing the procedures and practices and the regulation of the profession. This recognition underscores Dr Gerard’s contribution to Dentistry in WA.

Dr Gerard was already a widely regarded and loved dentist here in Rockingham, so it is fitting that he is now recognised by the wider Dental Community in WA for his “loyal and devoted” service to the board. The board thanked him for the skills, wisdom, experience, sense of fairness and insight he brought to the Committee.

The letter is from the Dental Board Chair of Australia, Dr Murray Thomas. The full version of the letter is below:

Dear Gerard

Acknowledgement of Service on the Dental Board of Australia’s WA committees

I am writing to you to accept your resignation from the Western Australian Notifications and Registration and Immediate Action Committees of the Dental Board of Australia (the Board) with effect 30 June 2019.

Thank you for your loyalty and devoted service to protecting the public through both your professional and regulatory roles.

On behalf of the Board, and the previous Chair Dr John Lockwood, I thank you and acknowledge your significant contribution to the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme as a member of the committees and especially as the past Chair of those committees.

The skills, wisdom, experience, sense of fairness and insight you have brought to the Committee has played an important role in the protection of the public and the regulation of the profession.

The Board, your fellow committee members and AHPRA colleagues hold you in the highest esteem and offer you our very best wishes and gratitude for your service.

Thank you once again for your significant contribution to the work of the committees.

Yours sincerely

Dr Murray Thomas
Dental Board of Australia

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