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Gerard Takes the Chair

Some people have commented that Gerard seems to be working fewer hours these days, but just because he’s not at work doesn’t mean he isn’t working. In fact, just the opposite may be the case.

In 1998, Gerard received a ‘tap on the shoulder’ from the then state Health Minister, Dr John Day (himself a dentist), to join the Dental Prosthetists’ Advisory Committee, where he served until its closure in 2010. Among his many responsibilities was the investigation of complaints against dental prosthetists.

In 2009, Gerard accepted membership of the West Australian Dental Board, and in October 2010 when a new national scheme came into play, he became part of the replacement body, the West Australian Registrations and Notifications Committee of the Dental Board of Australia. In September 2011, Gerard was appointed by the Dental Board of Australia as Chairman The position is certainly time-consuming, but to date the biggest loser has been his golf, which many people thought could not get any worse.

The position has required some loss of clinic time and the occasional interstate trip, but so far, so good. The chairmanship has, however, given Gerard a different perspective on health and dental health in particular. The importance of professional, ethical behaviour has never been more important.


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