Gum Disease Causes And Treatment


If you do not properly brush your teeth and gums, a variety of issues can pop up. Gum disease is one of the most common issues in the mouth, and it can cause some serious damage if not treated properly.

The best treatment is, of course, to do whatever possible to avoid getting gum disease in the first place.

tooth pain

Below is a look at gum disease causes and treatment options.

Types of gum disease

There are a number of different types of gum disease people can pick up, but the most common and well-known form is gingivitis. This happens when plaque starts sticking to teeth and gums. This makes them very sensitive, and right away people notice a little bit of discomfort.

Gingivitis can turn into something a little bit more serious in periodontitis. This is a disease that can end up being an infection in the bone areas connected to the teeth. Instead of some mild discomfort, people can start to run the risk of losing teeth and bleeding consistently from the gums.

Early warning signs include bleeding gums, swollen gums, bad breath and loose teeth. If you or a family member go through any of this, it is important to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

What causes gum disease?

The main cause of gum disease is plaque. It is a thin film of bacteria that can form on teeth if brushing is not taken seriously. Plaque is formed by just doing things daily, like eating and breathing.

Those who brush their teeth, floss and see their dentist consistently are not at a huge risk for gum disease. However, some people are more prone to having issues in the mouth area, so it is always important to stay on top of everything.


Can gum disease be cured?

The good news is that gum disease in most cases is curable. Better brushing and flossing habits are very important. Using the right mouthwash can also make a big difference. Finally, going to the dentist to get regular check-ups is pretty much a necessity at this point.

We at Rockingham Dental Centre offer gum disease treatment. We focus on helping people reduce the risk of possibly losing teeth or having permanent damage later. We also focus on the oral-systemic links associated with gum disease including Diabetes, Heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many medications that are used for other medical conditions.  

Dealing with gum disease is something that can be difficult without a trusted professional to help. To schedule an appointment, give us a call, book online through our website or send us an email.

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