Covid 19 Update: We are now back to level 1 restrictions and open for general & emergency treatment.

In Safe Hands


Would you know how to react in a medical emergency?

We all face the possibility that at any moment someone’s life could depend on our ability to render first aid promptly and effectively, whether it’s at home with a loved one, or out and about in the community. 

That’s why everyone at Rockingham Dental keeps their first aid skills up to date at all times. Not just the medical staff, but everyone – reception and administrators included.

The St John Basic Resuscitation course that we undergo covers CPR, external bleeding, choking, the use of defibrillators and the management of heart conditions. More than that, it gives you the knowledge and confidence to take control and act promptly in a crisis situation. 

Of course, it’s all material that we hope we never have to use, but that won’t stop us keeping our skills up to scratch and refreshing our training.


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