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Make A Clean Start To The New School Year With A Visit To The Dentist

Holidays are fun but they’re also a time when routines can go out of the window and some bad habits can creep in – like eating too many sweet things, not brushing your teeth regularly and forgetting to floss.


Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to schedule a visit to your local friendly dentist and to get the kids back into good oral hygiene habits which fit easily into their regular school day routines. 

Kids learn many things at school but they probably aren’t taught very much about the importance of looking after their teeth and keeping them healthy.


In fact, tooth decay is one of the most common health issues that keeps young people away from school – and if not treated properly, it can affect their ability to eat, talk, sleep, concentrate and participate in physical activities. That’s really bad news for their academic progress and their general wellbeing.


Many children and even some parents are also not aware that it’s as important to look after their milk teeth as it is their permanent teeth.  Primary teeth may be temporary, but if infections in them are left unchecked, their permanent teeth can be damaged, and that’s serious.


Scheduling a back-to-school dental check-up makes sense for so many different reasons.  Here are just a few:


  • If you schedule your appointment in the holidays, you can be more flexible and make one that suits you.  No more worries about trying to fit a dental visit in between school, sports, extra mural activities and of course, homework!
  • A visit to the dentist can be fun!   New stationery and books are all part of back-to-school preparations, and a visit to your local friendly dental clinic and a new toothbrush can be too.
  • Kids are generally more relaxed during the holidays, and it’s a perfect time for them to develop a comfortable and anxiety-free relationship with a dentist.  Of course, the more frequent their visits, the more relaxed and comfortable they’ll be in the chair.
  • Scheduling a dental visit in the holidays also gives kids time to absorb information and instructions that the dentist may give them about the correct procedures for caring for their teeth.  And as a start, here’s a little reminder from the professionals at Rockingham Dental that everyone, adults and children alike, should spend at least two minutes a day brushing our teeth (so perhaps a timer in the bathroom would be a good idea too or even an electric toothbrush with a brushing timer).
  • A visit to the dentist at the start of the school year can also be optimal in terms of private medical insurance, as benefits usually re-set at the start of the calendar year.


If you want your child to start school with a healthy smile, why not brush up on their dental health and make an appointment with your local dentist before the holidays are over? 

Call Rockingham Dental Centre to book an appointment for the whole family with one of their friendly and gentle dentists.


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