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Sleep Dentistry


At Rockingham Dental Centre, we can now offer our patients treatment under General Anaesthesia at SouthBank Day Surgery in South Perth. A specialist Anaesthetist will be monitoring you throughout the whole procedure whilst we complete your dental treatment. 

This option is available for our patients adult or child – and can be offered for patients who are nervous, require wisdom teeth removal, or for those who just do not want to remain awake whilst having extensive dental treatment.

Rockingham Dental Centre patients still have the option of IV sedation (Sleep Dentistry) at our surgery – where a specialised sedationist places you in a state of sleep for the entire duration of your dental procedure. Once awake, you will likely have no memory of any treatment that had been completed.

For those who need to just get past those initial jitters but don’t want to be in a heavily sedated state, we can also offer our patients Nitrous sedation (the same that’s sometimes given for women in labour). This is an effective solution for both adults and children as well, with minimal recovery time.

These options are case-specific and will be discussed during your examination visit with one of our dentists.

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