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Staff News


Farewell Brittany!

We wish all the best to Brittany, one of Russell’s Dental Nurses, whose last day at Rockingham Dental Centre was March 10. Brittany had been with us for two and a half years and has departed on an adventure travelling Europe!

Elana & Hari

Congratulations to Hari and his wife Judith on the safe arrival of their first baby, Elana, who recently celebrated her first birthday (how time flies!). Elana is cheeky, inquisitive, loves to talk, and enjoys swimming and dancing!

 Welcome Back Kate.

We would like to welcome Kate back to Rockingham Dental Centre. Kate previously worked as a Dental Assistant to Dr Russell Gordon. She will now join Renee in reception as our new part-time Receptionist.

Whilst Kate was away from our practice, she travelled to Europe on an extended holiday; and then on returning, qualified as a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist. Kate has an interest in keeping fit and competing in triathlons. Hopefully with Kate’s influence you will find a fitter, more relaxed crew here at RDC from now on!


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