The Real Cost of Tooth Implants in Australia


Dental implants represent the gold standard of tooth replacement treatments. It restores a patient’s lost smile and confidence and enhances their quality of life. The catch: this procedure does not come cheap.

In Australia, tooth implant treatment can cost anyone some AUD4500 to AUD7000 for each implant. The sheer price of this tooth replacement solution is enough to put off tooth loss sufferers who instead look for cheaper yet short-term alternatives, like bridges and dentures.

Factors that affect tooth implant cost

What’s the real deal with dental implants? Why is it so expensive in Australia? Here are the factors that influence the cost of tooth implants:

1. Location matters

The cost of dental implants varies from city to city. Procedures in Sydney are expected to cost higher than Adelaide due to a more expensive standard of living there. Overhead costs and salaries per location factor into the overall cost of tooth implants.

2. The type of implant

Dental implants can last for years, even a lifetime, if you care for them. Like other products, the cost of dental implants depends on design and quality. The longevity of an implant also impacts its price point. Top-shelf manufacturers, such as DIO Navi, MIS, Straumann, or Nobel Biocare invest considerably in design, R & D, and clinical testing. Therefore, these brands command a higher cost than others.

3. Dental experience

In a nutshell, you pay for expertise. Dentists undergo continuous education and learning to learn new techniques and innovations can help them perform the procedure faster and more efficiently. Skills training and further education incur additional costs, which is reflected in dentists’ professional fees.

4. Case Complexity

The more complex your dental case is, the higher the tab would be. If you require a straight tooth implant, that would cost less. However, if you require a bone graft or a sinus lift for a successful restoration, this will undoubtedly be pricier.

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Dr. Hari Menon

Dr. Hari Menon

Hari is an owner of Rockingham Dental Centre. A graduate from the University of Western Australia, Hari’s dental career has taken him as far as Darwin where he has had experience in many rural areas with indigenous communities. He has also completed numerous hours of continuing education with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry ranging from ceramic inlays/onlays, veneers, crowns and restorations for implants. He is always eager for the latest tech and gadgets available on the market.


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