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Dr Gerard Parkinson

Gerard was always going to be a medical professional: with eight siblings, among them a priest, a nurse and a teacher, he understandably grew up with a commitment to the caring professions. Like Russell, he also won a cadetship from the State Government to help with his dental studies, in return for which he spent time working with country patients in Road Mobile Dental Clinics. No doubt a few of those sunny smiles you still see in places from Bunbury to Ravensthorpe owe something to his skilled early work.

Gerard has recently been recognised with high honours for outstanding achievement within the dental profession: at the recent Australian Dental Congress he became a Fellow of the International College of Dentists and a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International.

Gerard enjoys keeping up with the frequent innovations in dental technology, and is usually the first to be seen with a new piece of equipment in the surgery. He finds the advances and innovations in modern Dentistry exciting for both their technology and their capacity to provide quality care at the Rockingham Dental Centre.