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Does Medicare Cover Dental Treatment?

Medicare has aided comprehensive insurance coverage for the millions of people in Australia for about half a century now. People are still confused if dental insurance is covered in the medicare term. Medicare doesn’t cover all dental services, but there are schemes that have been introduced to improve the oral health of Australians who can’t ... Read more

How To Stop Grinding Teeth Whilst Sleeping?

Teeth grinding is more than bothersome. It can wear down tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth loss. It can affect the muscles in your face and jaw. You may develop headaches or other health issues. This habit, known as bruxism, should be taken seriously.  What Causes Teeth Grinding?   Nighttime grinding can have many ... Read more

How Often Should You See The Dentist?

Very few people enjoy going to the dentist. The fact is, regular maintenance visits can be very beneficial for not only oral hygiene but overall health. Those who might not fully understand the importance of regular dental visits might have some questions about the whole process.  Below is a look at five at the most ... Read more

Gum Disease Causes And Treatment

If you do not properly brush your teeth and gums, a variety of issues can pop up. Gum disease is one of the most common issues in the mouth, and it can cause some serious damage if not treated properly. The best treatment is, of course, to do whatever possible to avoid getting gum disease ... Read more

Rockingham Dental Centre Staff News

WELCOME We have recently added a new dentist, Dr Sivitra to our team. Outside of dentistry Sivitra enjoys reading, group fitness classes and most importantly spending time with her Labradoodle, Trevor. WELCOME Dr Claire Porter has left RDC as she has commenced working at her sisters’ practice due to her sister expecting a baby. WELCOME ... Read more

Who are those other women I sometimes see in the building?

One of the less obvious – but still very important – roles required of a true professional is the mentoring of new members of the profession. At Rockingham Dental Centre, many graduate dentists have been mentored – including Drs Howard Holmes, Maya Nadarajah, Hari Menon, Sally Whitmore, Claire Porter and most recently Sivitra Sivarajan. We ... Read more

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