Dental Technology

E.MAX/Lithium Disilicate

E.max, a patented lithium disilicate material, has created something of a revolution in the dental industry. The combination of high aesthetics and superior strength has seen the material replace many of the traditional materials used for crowns, and for many dentists e.max crowns have become the preferred option used for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

At Rockingham Dental Centre we now provide e.max as an option to patients who are in need of crowns, veneers, bridges or implants. E.max is frequently the solution for patients wanting to correct chipped or cracked teeth, discoloration or staining, gaps or spacing between teeth, uneven, worn or small teeth, crooked or crowded teeth and unsightly metal restorations.

E.max requires minimal tooth preparation, allowing patients to maintain a more natural tooth structure and a healthy, vibrant smile. This material gives patients beautiful, translucent restorations that blend with their existing teeth, creating long-lasting results that are stronger than other all ceramic restorations, with easier, quicker and more comfortable dentistry.

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