Dental Technology

The Wand®

An Alternative to the Traditional Dental Syringe at Rockingham Dental Centre.

The Wand is essentially a computer-controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore more comfortable.

Most people who have had a bad experience with injections think that needles sting because the skin is pierced, but this is usually not so. Often, the sting was caused because the anaesthetic was fired in too quickly. Obviously, it is possible for the dentist to control the speed with a standard syringe, but the idea of the Wand is to take out the ‘human error’. This can be very reassuring for people with earlier bad experiences.

When you’re next at Rockingham Dental Centre, ask to have a look at the Dental Wand. The ‘hardware’ is similar to a miniature computer tower. On the top of the little tower sits a cartridge with local anaesthetic. A tube connects this to a pen-like handpiece – it’s even held like a pen.

The Wand is very light and easy to handle. To start the computer, the dentist uses a foot pedal connected to the computer tower. The computer does the rest. That way, the dentist can focus all attention on holding the handpiece in the right position.

The cartridge holder, tube and wand handpiece are all single-use disposables.

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